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David joined Global Switch as Development Manager for Asia-Pacific in 2007, before moving to his current position in 2015. He has over 15 years’ experience working in construction and property development.


Prior to joining Global Switch, David held the position of Development Manager for the Astoria Group where he held a broad range of responsibilities in order to oversee the planning, construction, delivery and marketing of both commercial and residential developments up to and over the value of AUD100 million. Prior to this he worked for the Marsim Group as Development Manager / Project Manager, again, implementing a range of specialist skills and expertise for the planning through to completion of a range of industrial, residential and commercial developments.

David holds a Bachelor of Building and Construction Management degree from the University of New South Wales.

Responsibilities at Global Switch

David manages the Group Projects team in Asia-Pacific, overseeing all projects across Global Switch’s Asia-Pacific portfolio, including new developments, plant replacement, suite fit out and IT fit out. He applies his specialist skills and expertise to the design and delivery of energy efficient and sustainable solutions that meet both the environmental and operational efficiencies that are characteristic of Global Switch data centres.

David has been instrumental in both the sourcing and acquisition of Singapore Woodlands, has overall responsibility for the development through all cycles and phases of Sydney East and the planning and acquisition of Hong Kong.