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Data Centre Services

Our experienced Customer Services teams are passionate about making your life easy within our data centres. Whether it is a complex IT deployment supporting high density cloud services, or a simple cross connect our team are here to help.

Delivering the right solution to our customers is central to our service
Bespoke Deployments

Whether you have a single rack or many hundreds of racks our customer service teams can assist with everything from rack layouts and heat load management, through to structured cabling and IT boxes rack and stack. Do you need a Network Operating Centre deployed or high density computing? Our specialists have the solutions for you.

Caging and Security

From the highest level security solutions (to meet government standards) for sensitive commercial requirements to rack level security and access systems, our team has the right solution for you. We will also work with you to develop access protocols to ensure your security standards are satisfied.

Cross Connects

Global Switch’s campuses are widely regarded as some of the most carrier dense data centres in the world. Need to connect to one of the dozens of onsite carriers, content or cloud providers? Simply ask our customer service team and your connectivity will be provided quickly and cost effectively through Global Switch’s Structured Interconnect System. Have special security requirements? No problems our cross connect services can provide a range of secure connections including steel conduits pipe or other specific security solutions. Some of our customers require government specified security installations, we have the skills and experience to provide these, or more commercial solutions if required.

Staging and Storage

If you need to unbox equipment in a controlled secure environment or need to run equipment tests (pre-commission) prior to deployment, we have purpose built areas for you. Just speak to our customer service team to understand how you can benefit from these shared services, or to book a dedicated area for larger deliveries.

Remote Hands

If you are unable to be at the data centre in person and require immediate assistance with your IT equipment, speak to our team who will respond rapidly and provide the help you need. This service is also an excellent way to perform remote (to you) routine maintenance tasks without the need to be at the data centre yourself.

On-site Facilities

Our meeting rooms are the ideal place for you to present to important customers, or host your internal executive team. They are available anytime, just call the customer service team for more information.

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